Ulthera is happy to announce that Ultherapy will be featured on The Martha Stewart Show! Tune in to "The Skin Show!" on Wednesday, March 14 for an all-about-Ultherapy segment featuring the show's producer and her experience with her Ultherapy treatment. The segment will feature Dr. David Colbert who treated the show's producer and will cover footage from the producer's treatment as well as her big unveiling. Dr. Colbert and Martha will be discussing the procedure in-studio and the segment should both educate and excite you about what Ulthera can do for you! By the way, the producer is incredibly happy with her results!

The Ulthera System is the first and ONLY device with an FDA indication for non-invasive lifting.  Unlike previous Laser devices, it uses Micro-Focused Ultrasound to bypass the skin's surface and deliver energy deep into the structrual layers of the skin. Micro Focused Ultrasound (MFU) is the only modality that reaches optimal temperature range for Neo-Collagenesis (collagen regeneration), and allows clinicians to precisely target multiple tissue layers, which results in clinically proven tissue lift. 

UlthERA is the new ERA in aesthetics!


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